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All classes are currently suspended

Due to Covid-19, we've decided to suspend all programming until further notice.


About Maine Kids Yoga

Maine Kids Yoga started in 2013 when a preschool teacher discovered that she could combine her life's greatest joys: practicing yoga and working with children. That teacher, Cayce Lannon, has worked with young people in a variety of capacities since 2005 and has been practicing yoga for just about as long. She became a certified children's yoga instructor in May of 2013 and immediately began sharing the joy she found in yoga with the children and families at the school where she worked. She quickly realized that there was a great need for children's yoga in the area, so she started Maine Kids Yoga and began to offer more classes in various locations around Portland.


Since our humble beginning, we have grown into a team of certified yoga instructors offering classes for children and families all over Maine - in schools, at parks, on the beach, and at our studio in Portland. The aim of our classes is to introduce children to yoga in a fun and engaging way where everyone can find success.  We include the practice of physical yoga poses and sequences, breathwork, mindfulness exercises, singing, creative movement, art, imaginative play, and relaxation in each class. By teaching all aspects of yoga in a fun and joyful manner that is appropriate for all styles of learners, our classes give children the tools they need for cultivating happiness and wellness in their everyday lives.



"Cayce is such a wonderful, intuitive teacher for little ones. The kids (and parents) in the Portland area are lucky to have her!"

—  Anna, Parent 


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