Why Yoga?

June 5, 2018

Activity is great for kids, but why yoga in particular? 



There is a lot more to yoga than just the physical postures. In addition to stretching and strengthening the body, yoga works the brain as well. Learning how to focus on the breath while moving the body is extremely empowering and highly beneficial for everyone, but children in particular can really benefit from learning the tools of yoga at a young age. Not to mention, yoga is really fun!! Imagine crawling around on the floor making lion sounds with you kiddo - yep, that's actually yoga! One of the key components to yoga is bringing mindfulness to the way your body moves, and there are so many way to make it playful and fun for children. 


There are countless benefits of practicing yoga at a young age. Here are some that we think are important: 

  • Develops Focus and Concentration

  • Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence 

  • Manages Stress

  • Enhances Physical Flexibility

  • Refines Balance and Coordination

  • Strengthens the Mind-Body Connection


Want to learn more about yoga and how to do it with your little one? Read our post for a crash course, or better yet, buy the book Yoga for Children by Lisa Flynn



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